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Best Apex Legends Characters – Tier List

Best Apex Legends Characters – Tier List

This article and video rank every legend in Apex Legends from best to worst and explains why! While I dont think there are any truly useless legends in Apex Legends this season, some definitely do bring more to a team than others. This is my Apex Legends Tier List for season 4 and how the legends rank when looking to climb the ranked leaderboards! If you dont know what each legend does, you can find a list of abilities and passives here.

Apex Legends Tier List – Season 4


S: Pathfinder

It should be no surprise to see Pathfinder ranked as an S tier legend. He has amazing self mobility with the grappling hook, and he can also give his team a ton of mobility via his zipline ultimate. Team mobility is highly valued, which is why the legends that provide the best team mobility are both S tier. Besides the mobility he provides, his passive lets your team see where the next circle is going to be, which allows your team to position in advantageous spots, making it easier to survive to the end-game!

S: Gibraltar

Gibraltar was buffed pretty significantly in season 3. In addition to the already strong gun-shield and fortified passive (which together make him very tanky despite his larger hitbox), his deployable dome shield (that provides cover and fast healing) and an ultimate great for 3rd partying and zoning enemies, he was also given the ability to resurrect his allies faster under his dome shield, making Gibraltar essentially a Lifeline with a bit more utility. Gibraltar, simply put, has an insane amount of tools at his disposal, making him one of the top legend choices for season 4.

S: Wraith

Wraith is the stereotypical “try-hard” legend and a favorite of streamers and YouTubers, and for good reason. She has a small hitbox, her passive let’s you know when enemy teams are aiming at you, her tactical let’s her phase out into the void to avoid damage and let her easily re-position, and her ultimate gives some of the best team mobility in the game, allowing her team transport quickly through a portal while not being able to suffer any damage. Her skills add a ton to a team, letting you know when you need to be aloof and giving herself and her team a ton of additional mobility. Even after the nerfs she received late in season 3, Wraith’s well designed kit still cements her high up on our tier list.

A: Lifeline

While Lifeline doesn’t provide the mobility that other legends do, she brings an absolute ton of utility to a team. She has fast healing for herself at all times, faster resurrecting of teammates as well as deploying an impenetrable shield while resurrecting said teammate, has a healing drone that heals herself and teammates, and her ultimate provides a care package that is full of defensive loot. Her incredibly simple and supportive kit brings a lot to a team, and is also in my opinion one of the best choices for newer players. Unfortunately, ever since Gibraltar got his slew of buffs, he brings a lot of what Lifeline can bring to a team (and more), and because of this, she is ranked lower than he is at the moment.

A: Caustic

The way I view Caustic is like a more offensive Wattson, and is the reason I have him as an A tiered Legend. He has great lock-down and zoning capability with his Nox traps, and his ultimate can be used as an amazing engage tool, defensive retreat tool, or for zoning a team into a desired location. With that being said, while Caustic is unaffected by the gas he and other Caustics put down, his enemies and teammates are not, which is the biggest drawback he brings to a team. Also, similarly to Gibraltar, he has a large hitbox which makes him susceptible to being hit by enemy bullets more easily.

A: Wattson

Wattson brings a ton to a team defensively, able to easily lock-down a building with her fences and her pylon making it incredibly difficult for enemies to breach the building her team is camped in. But, World’s Edge has much more open space compared to King’s Canyon, and because of this, some end circles Wattson loses a ton of value if there isnt a space for her to fence up. On King’s Canyon, Wattson has a ton of value in those close quarters areas, able to carve out an amazing defensive position for your team. Also, when there is a Wattson on your team, you need to play around having her and using her fences to camp in a building. If your team loves to full send it and hold down W, other Legends will provide better value to a team.

B: Bloodhound

Bloodhound has moved up from a C tier to a B tier for our season 4 tier list. They are a tracker legend and is like a more offensive Crypto. Bloodhound’s ultimate increases the potency of their passive, allows Bloodhound to move faster and see enemies highlighted in red, and downing enemies will extend this duration (this was added with season 4 and what bumped them up the tier list). Their ultimate’s cooldown is on the longer side, and Bloodhound breathes incredibly loudly through it, making it a bit easier for enemies to hear you. Their passive is solid, allowing Bloodhound to track down his enemies by seeing things that recently happened in an area, and their tactical scans an area and pings any enemies, while also letting enemies know they were scanned. The buffs to Bloodhound have allowed them to rank up on our tier list and truly emphasizing that tracker gameplay! While they are not an A or S tiered legend, Bloodhound is now a solid pick and brings plenty of information to a team!

B: Crypto

Crypto does bring a ton of potential information to a team – which is really powerful in a game like Apex Legends – but it is reliant on Crypto being in his drone piloting it or placing it in a position enemies dont notice it and it remaining there. With that being said, Crypto’s drone did get a buff giving it some more HP, allowing Crypto to get it into position much easier. Crypto’s ult also got a really nice buff near the end of season 3, preventing it from slowing/stunning teammates, allowing them to quickly follow up on your EMP strike. His drone can also pick up allied banners too, which is a really nice feature it has! He’s a fun character and his buffs have made him a very solid pick for a team in Apex Legends!

B: Bangalore

Bangalore is the definition of a solid legend – not overly strong, not overly weak. Her passive gives her a speed boost when she’s being shot at, her tactical allows her to deploy smoke bombs to conceal her and her teammates (or blind enemies), and her ultimate is essentially a different version of Gibraltar’s, deploying a blanket of bombs to a targeted area. Bangalore, while not being as strong in some team situations as the legends listed above her, is still a solid addition to a team and worth bringing onto your squad!

C: Octane

Octane is the speedy legend in the bunch, with his tactical giving him a nice speed boost at the cost of some health and providing some team movement with is jump pad. Even though his skills are solid, he is placed as a C tiered legend, simply because all of he skills are considerably worse versions of Pathfinder’s. While his jump pad is decent and does provide team mobility, it isnt the best form of it, putting Octane and his team in a really compromising position (just sailing through open air). In addition, his tactical takes a little too much health in my opinion for how slowly Octane’s health regenerates from his passive and the amount of speed it gives. His Q needs to either cost less health or give more speed, and his jump pad could use some changes to make the user’s trajectory a little less telegraphed.

C: Mirage

Mirage is a character I wanted to rank higher than C tier since he is one of my favorite Legends in Apex Legends, but I unfortunately cant do that at the moment. Mirage doesn’t bring a lot to a team upfront compared to other legends, having a more selfishly oriented kit. His ultimate is good for flanking enemy teams or tricky escapes, and his clone, if used correctly, can trick opponents into taking shots, revealing their location/giving your team your team an advantage in a fight since your enemies were distracted. His passive though does need some work, since at the moment it’s only use occurs when the fight is already over for Mirage. In my opinion, since Mirage’s kit fundamentally is more selfish, it needs some key buffs so that a team is benefited simply by having a Mirage on it. The ideas I came up with were giving his clones two charges and work similar to something like Caustic traps with their recharge time, reduce the cooldown of his ultimate, make his clones take more realistic actions and improve his passive in some way – either making the invisibility on it longer and/or making him faster while downed, or reworking it entirely.

C: Revenant

Revenant is the new legend for season 4, and unfortunately he is extremely underwhelming. His kit, in theory, is good, it was just executed in a way that made Revenant an extremely under-powered legend. His passive is overall solid, allowing him to crouch walk faster and climb higher than other legends. His tactical silences enemies for a short time, but the radius on it is incredibly small, requiring you to be extremely accurate with it and making it hard to catch multiple legends in its silencing power (this could be buffed by simply making the radius larger). In addition, his ultimate, which is a totem that saves any legend that uses it from death, works in a weird way. It ignores your shield in a gunfight, just causing you to take HP damage, but then when you would “die”, you are ported back to the totem with 1 HP and a full shield. The ultimate just doesnt work how anyone would expect it to based on its description. Simply put, it needs to use both your shield and HP in a gunfight, just like normal. When/if you would die, you’re ported back to the totem with an empty shield (since it was depleted during the gunfight), and 1 HP, since you were just saved from death. This would still allow counterplay from enemies via caustic traps or camping the totem, having it work way more straightforward and giving it more power. If this would make the ultimate too strong, you could always potentially lower its range to prevent the user from being able to go too far. Overall, Revenant is a cool looking legend with great voice lines and a good concept, but the delivery of his kit makes him extremely underwhelming when compared to the other legends in the tiers above him.