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Middle-earth: Shadow of War “Let’s Play”

Middle-earth: Shadow of War “Let’s Play”

In this “Let’s Play” series, I play through Middle-earth: Shadow of War created by Monolith Productions! I absolutely loved Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor but never got around to playing the second game. I figured that this game, being one I’ve been wanting to play for awhile, would be the perfect game for me to launch a brand new “let’s play” series on YouTube! Below you’ll find each individual episode of the series, but if you want to see the playlist on YouTube, you can find that here.

Ep. 1: The New Ring

Ep. 2: The Siege of Minas Ithil

Ep. 3: Upping the Difficulty

Ep. 4: Eye of Sauron

Ep. 5: An Absolute Mess

Ep. 6: Shadows of the Past

Ep. 7: The Seeing Stone

Ep. 8: Slaughtering Captains

Ep. 9: More Slaughtering

Ep. 10: Moving on to Cirith Ungol

Ep. 11: Knife in the Dark

Ep. 12: No Man’s Land

Ep. 13: Rain of Arrows

Ep. 14: Traitor’s Gate

Ep. 15: The Arena

Ep. 16: The Fall

Ep. 17: Rise to Power

Ep. 18: Captain Domination

Ep. 19: Track Down

Ep. 20: Recruiting Captains

Ep. 21: Violent Nature

Ep. 22: Finishing Recruitment

Ep. 23: Leveling Up

Ep. 24: Witch King’s Vision

Ep. 25: The Three Towers

Ep. 26: Taking Outposts

Ep. 27: The Fight Pits

Ep. 28: Allies

Ep. 29: Utter Chaos

Ep. 30: Blood Sport

Ep. 31: Haedir Purification

Ep. 32: The Chosen

Ep. 33: Weakening the Warchiefs

Ep. 34: The Uninvited

Ep. 35: Siege of Sergost

Ep. 36: The Wages of War

Ep. 37: Carnan’s Bane

Ep. 38: Purging the Warchiefs

Ep. 39: Stabbed in the Back

Ep. 40: Dottz’s Revenge

Ep. 41: Weakening Gorgoroth

Ep. 42: Recruiting for the Assault

Ep. 43: Assault on Gorgoroth