“Let’s Play!” Stream Day & Videos On Twitch and YouTube

Hey Guys!

There’s a new thing I want to do on the Twitch channel, and that is have a “Let’s Play!” day once per week where I play another game besides the Elder Scrolls Online. Not only do I think will this help prevent burnout, but it will give you guys a chance to see me play other games and expand my reach to new audiences. This isn’t going to be a hard once a week; if I want to play ESO that day, I will. But I’m looking to implement one of these days per week.  In terms of the “what game I’ll be playing” question, the best answer I can give is “whatever I feel like”. I’m trying to experiment with some new games to see what I like, what you guys like, and what I think will fit the channel and website well.

I created a new playlist on the YouTube channel & here on the site as well where I will put clipped down versions of this stream that act as a summary of the “Let’s Play!” streams and for relevant site content.

I love the Elder Scrolls Online and it is one of my favorite games, but I want to be able to stand independently of it and not be reliant on just one game for success (especially looking long term). So it’s going to be interesting exploring some new games, but I’m excited for the opportunity and it’ll be cool to see what eventually has a permanent home here on the channel.

“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” – Donovan Bailey