Top 7 Tips for Getting Started

This video will give 7 tips i have picked up from leveling in the Elder Scrolls Online!

These tips are:

  1. Proper attribute point placement.
    1. Place all of your points into your resource of choice (generally)
  2. Be smart with race choice, but class choice is a matter of flavor and personal preference.
    1. Race choice is important in ESO, as you gain passives from being a certain race.  Most race’s passives favor a certain playstyle, while some are more general.  A race/class combination guide can be found here.
  3. Don’t waste money on gear early on in the game. You’re going to quickly replace it anyway.
  4. Don’t wait to start researching gear traits.
    1. Starting research early on in the game is very important since trait timers continually double in length. For a full crafting guide, check this out.
  5. Always use bookshelves
    1. These have a chance to level up skills or give you a lorebook towards the mage’s guild.
  6. Abilities and skill lines level up based on what is present on your active bar, but gear and weapons scale based on what you’re wearing (in addition to the abilities).
  7. Do 1 random dungeon per day.
    1. You get big amount of bonus experience for completing your first random dungeon of the day, as well as Undaunted supplies in the mail that can contain rare items and soul gems!