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Elder Scrolls Online Tutorial Extended

Elder Scrolls Online Tutorial Extended

This Elder Scrolls Online beginner’s guide expands upon the Summerset tutorial to help your early days inside of Tamriel. I have a ton of guides that go extremely in-depth with explaining the game’s basic mechanics, but some players want a quick tutorial to help them get started with just the basics at first. The ESO tutorial doesnt necessarily teach enough in my opinion, so this video is here to fill in those blanks and help you land on your feet when you start your first quests in game!

ESO builds are currently in the process of being updated for Elsweyr! (click for more)

The ESO builds on the website are currently in the process of being updated for the Elsweyr patch. You can see at the top of each build’s write-up what patch it’s for, as well as an update log at the bottom for what has changed. Please give myself and my web team time to update all of our builds – we are rolling out the updates as quickly as we can! The first mass wave of build updates will be going out on 5/22/2019!