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TubeBuddy Review 2022: Details, Pricing and Features

TubeBuddy Review 2022: Details, Pricing and Features

YouTube is currently one of the most popular social media platforms and can be viewed as an extension of Google, which is the largest search engine on the internet. However, for content creators, it can be very difficult to find a place in it. With so many people looking to become a YouTuber nowadays, YouTube is more flooded than its ever been before, making it very difficult to carve out your own place on the platform and get views and subscribers. So often people run into the problem of making great consistent content, but for whatever reason, it just seems like YouTube wont promote their video or people just cant seem to find it in search.

Well, if you really want to increase the number of views and subscribers for your channel, it is necessary to put the right keywords and metadata in the right place, and this is where TubeBuddy comes in. TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app (that offers paid plans for more features) that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with your day-to-day operation! It essentially is a video optimization and management toolkit for YouTube, helping you with search engine optimization (SEO) for your videos and gives you more detailed statistics to maximize the impact of your video in search results.

In this TubeBuddy Review, we are going to take a look at the tools main features that YouTubers like myself utilize so that you can decide if this tool can support your YouTube growth.

TubeBuddy has a lot of tools baked into it, but the main features can be boiled down to YouTube search engine optimization, competitor analysis, and YouTube testing tools. The extension is also YouTube certified, so you know that Tubebuddy is safe and legit. Tubebuddy is easy to use as well; as soon as you install it and connect it to your YouTube channel, it integrates into your YouTube dashboard and other parts of the website to start helping your channel grow!

Tubebuddy can identify the keywords and tags to target for your videos so that your channel generates a constant flow of views and subscribers. You can decide if you want to add keywords based on a number of different criteria and scores, look into advanced keyword analytics and data, as well as see an “SEO score” for your video, which shows you how well you’ve setup your metadata to have your video to be indexed in YouTube’s search algorithm! Tubebuddy also shows where your video ranks for certain tags, so you can know which tags are contributing to your videos success and which ones aren’t being utilized. Personally, the keyword ranking and the video “SEO Scores” are my two favorite features in Tubebuddy, and help me make sure that my videos are setup to maximize their potential of gaining traction in the YouTube algorithm!

In the same realm, you can also see what other keywords and tags other creators have used. When you go to any video on YouTube, there will be a Tubebuddy drop down menu that showcases tons of information about the video, so you can see what keywords other creators are using to find success in your niche of choice, and you can try to use those to rank in similar search results (you can actually use Tubebuddy to copy the tags straight to your clipboard)! You can also check your channel against other channels in your niche, comparing your views-over-time to that of another channel when you are on their channel page, allowing you to see how your channel is doing compared to others!

Tubebuddy just helps to take the guess-work out of the upload and metadata setup of your YouTube videos. Making videos is fun and a lot of work, and you want to make sure that people can find your content so they can watch it. With a tool like this, you can dramatically increase your views and subscribers. Tubebuddy gives you that extra edge, giving you extra tools and functions that most of your competitors do not have.

Besides the features I’ve mentioned above, Tubebuddy also has some other great features, such as:

  • Templates for publishing videos, end-screens and cards
  • Access to FREE music and video tools (if you subscribe to TubeBuddy Premium) as well as major discounts on a variety of services.
  • Canned comment responses
  • A/B Testing
  • Best time to publish (Tubebuddy shows you the best time to upload your videos to help maximize your video’s view velocity)
  • SEO Tag Rankings (Showing you where you rank in search for certain tags)
  • Bulk processing tools
  • Social media share trackers
  • Advanced Channel Analytics
  • Channel Backup
  • Giveaway Comment Picker
  • Retention Analyzer
  • And so much more!

I know that everything I’ve just listed above seems like a lot, especially considering that there’s even more features I didn’t list. Thankfully, TubeBuddy has videos on their website that explains how to use most of its features through tutorial videos and tips.

Being honest, the free version of TubeBuddy gives you a taste of what the extension is like and you’ll find yourself quickly wanting to upgrade due to the limitations, since most of these great features that I’ve listed are either not available on the free plan or are heavily limited on it. To get the full power of Tubebuddy, you’re going to want to subscribe to a premium package. They have 3 different packages, and the higher tier package you purchase the more features you unlock.

TubeBuddy’s pricing as found on their website.

Personally, I think the lowest tier (Pro) is enough to get you going with TubeBuddy and is what I personally have. The greatest part is, as can be seen in the image, if your channel is small and you’re just getting started, you can save 50% on TubeBuddy pro, making it an absolute steal. Throughout my time using TubeBuddy, I have yet to feel the need to upgrade to the Star package (let alone the Legend one). The biggest thing that the Star package offers over the Pro and what I could definitely see justifying the upgrade is access to bulk tools, allowing you to make a ton of changes to several videos simultaneously which can definitely prove useful as you publish more and more videos. The primary feature that the legend upgrade gives you over the star package is access to is some extra analytics, but I personally find the ones native to YouTube’s dashboard enough. However, for some, the Legend package may be worth it, so definitely take a look at it to see if the features are right for you and your needs.

I think if  you’re looking to actually grow a YouTube channel, TubeBuddy is a necessary tool to have in your tool-belt. Considering that it costs only $7.20 per month for the Pro tier (or $3.60 if you have less than 1000 subs), it’s a VERY cheap investment into your YouTube channel that will absolutely pay dividends long term! For me, the best upload time feature, video tag suggestions, SEO video score and SEO tag rankings have been invaluable, and are the main reason I bought the pro version of the extension. This saves you a ton of time, and a ton of hassle, and helps you have the peace of mind knowing your videos metadata is setup as optimally as possible, so you have the highest probability of people seeing your content!

If you want to have the highest probability of success on YouTube in a market that’s flooded with people trying to grow channels, Tubebuddy is a tool that can give you a big advantage over the competition and is something I highly recommend getting!

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