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DottzGaming.com Blog!

DottzGaming.com Blog!

Hey guys!

I have been debating adding something like this to my site for awhile and I felt it was finally time to give it a try. Dottzgaming.com will now feature a blog where I will talk about a wide variety of topics: ESO, other video games, YouTube, streaming, etc. I always am looking for new ways to create content and add value to my site. I know videos and live streams aren’t for everyone, and some people really just prefer written guides and content. While those people always had that content via the written guides on my site, there wasn’t as much casual/personal content for those who aren’t able to watch the streams nor a fan of watching videos; so this adds that element! Plus, I can always write blog posts on common questions I get on stream in regards to specific YouTube and Twitch related things, and refer people to those written posts!

I hope this is something you guys are excited for! Be sure to follow the site with your email address so you’re always notified of when a new post is made!


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