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Blue Shark Optics Glasses Review

Blue Shark Optics Glasses Review

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Nowadays, people are spending hours and hours on their electronic devices, whether it be on a computer at work, gaming at home, or just on their phones, we are using electronic devices now more than ever before. Along with that increased use, comes increased exposure to artificial blue light. When exposed to this type of light over time, it can lead to digital eye strain, which can cause headaches and other sensitives – such as disruption your circadian rhythm (the body’s natural sleep cycle) – when continuing to utilize electronic devices. According to the Vision Council of America, “70% of U.S. adults experience digital eye strain as a result of increasing use of digital devices.”

This was something I personally suffered from for a long time. Working in an office, creating content online, and just using my phone was causing me to put more screen-time in than ever before. My eye strain got so bad I wasnt even able to look at my phone without getting a headache. I tried using software blue-light reduction solutions which had no effect, tried buying different monitors, having my optometrist put certain coatings on my prescription glasses to help; nothing worked – until I purchased tailor-made blue light glasses by Blue Shark Optics.

Blue Shark Optics Aristocrat Glasses

Blue Shark Optics’ lenses, according to their website, “stop over 90% of blue light and 100% of UV light without Color Distortion,” making them some of the best computer glasses in the industry. And I can tell you from my experiences wearing them for close to a year now, they work well. The difference having a tailor-made hardware solution to combat digital eye strain made versus the other solutions I tried was staggering, and within about a week I noticed significant improvement in my ability to stay on my PC for a long period of time. This is especially important to me as a gamer and a content creator, since I’m at my PC for about 8-12 hours per day Monday through Friday, I want to make sure I can get my work done and get some hours of gaming for fun in without my eyes hurting or getting a headache. The gaming glasses, from my experience, are well worth the investment. Just like you need a great gaming chair to help ergonomically support your back while you play (I highly checking this out for a fantastic gaming chair option), having a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to protect your eyes from long hours gaming and/or working on your PC is extremely important.

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