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Best WordPress Hosting for 2022

Best WordPress Hosting for 2022

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website building since it doesn’t require any coding or advanced technical knowledge, so anyone can create a robust website using WordPress. With that being said, if you want to create a WordPress website for your business or just make a personal WordPress blog, it is important to consider which WordPress hosting provider will be most suitable for your needs.

The best WordPress hosting service should offer fast speeds, easy WordPress installation, free SSL certificates, have good website uptime and offer security features. But, with so many WordPress hosting companies out there and the number of choices being so overwhelming, it can really be difficult to find out where to start.

To help you find the best WordPress hosting providers, I took the time to write down the pros and cons of the companies that I considered when creating my own website, and broke down my top 3 WordPress hosting providers for 2022.


For anyone looking for a great WordPress hosting provider, you’ve undoubtedly come across Bluehost on your search and for good reason. Bluehost offers affordable web hosting services with simple user navigation and great tools to build your website. Bluehost has options for casual users, individuals or companies looking to create a website for their business and anyone in between. One of the reasons Bluehost stands as one of the best WordPress hosting services is its new website builder with WordPress integration for flexible content management.

Bluehost has everything you’d need to get your WordPress site up and running, including:

  • Website design templates and themes
  • Marketing tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Automated security updates and malware protection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • SEO Tools
  • Google Ad Services

Besides all the great features that Bluehost offers for WordPress, another great thing is their pricing which is one of the most affordable on the market. You can see their pricing breakdown, and what each plan gets you, listed below.

Image courtesy of Bluehost.com

You can also buy and manage your own custom domain name through Bluehost, with several features that anyone looking for a custom domain name is going to want, some of which include:

  • Auto-renewal
  • Domain Lock (to prevent unauthorized name transfers)
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Domain privacy to keep your personal info concealed from the public.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration

So, with Bluehost being one of the cheapest WordPress hosting providers available, with a $2.95 basic WordPress hosting plan including one website, one free domain name, and 50 GB of space with unlimited bandwidth, it stands out as one of the best options for anyone looking for a WordPress hosting provider! Do keep in mind though that Bluehost doesn’t feature monthly web hosting options, and instead goes off of yearly commitments (which isnt uncommon in the hosting space). Honestly, Bluehost doesnt have any major cons, and in my opinion is truly one of if not the best overall WordPress hosting providers!


SiteGround is one of the web hosting services that WordPress specifically recommends people use, so that says a lot to its credentials. Its platform has fantastic benefits, including WordPress-optimized servers, as well as affordable WordPress hosting for websites and blogs of any size. SiteGround also utilizes Google cloud infrastructure for top reliability, security and speed. They take advantage of Google’s extremely fast network, and utilize SSD persistent storage for optimal site speed and a high-level of redundancy.

Other notable features of SiteGround for WordPress web hosting are:

  • Simple WordPress installation
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free email accounts
  • Custom implementation of PHP and MySQL for high website performance
  • Top WordPress speeds, featuring static and dynamic caching which results in much faster website speeds to improve loading times
  • 24/7 Support with 98% customer satisfaction
  • Free website migration
  • Daily Website Backups and Enhanced Security Features

SiteGround has WordPress hosting plans for a variety of users, with more expensive plans having more features. So, depending on the features you want, you may need to choose a higher-tier web hosting option. Below is a breakdown of the WordPress hosting solutions SiteGround offers:

Image courtesy of SiteGround.com

SiteGround also allows you to purchase a custom-domain name, although they dont seem to advertise the same features that other hosting providers have on their website. Although, from my research, it does seem that SiteGround offers what I consider the 2 most important custom domain name features, which are auto-renewal and privacy protection.

The biggest negative that SiteGround has compared to other hosting providers is its limited website visitors. If you have a small website, this probably wont be much of a concern, but as your site or blog grows, the limited traffic amounts can definitely become a concern and you may be finding yourself needing to upgrade your plan. I know for me, this was something I was extremely wary of and was one of the biggest turn-offs I had from SiteGround. However, you need to weigh for yourself if you foresee this being an issue for you. In addition, SiteGround was priced a bit higher than the other options I was considering due to some of the more advanced features that it offers (as can be seen on the image above) that I personally felt I did not need to take advantage of. However, if you think these advanced features will be something you’ll want to utilize, SiteGround is a great way to get them at a reasonable cost!


WordPress also offers their own WordPress hosting option through WordPress.com, and is personally the hosting provider that I use. Part of what makes WordPress.com appealing to me is that your hosting with the company that makes WordPress, so any problems/issues that arise you will be getting help from WordPress directly. Similarly to other hosting providers, WordPress.com is extremely easy to get a website up and running very quickly, and you dont even need to worry about installing WordPress since you’re hosting with WordPress itself! Some of their notable features include:

  • Website design templates and themes
  • Marketing tools
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Automated security updates, spam protection and malware protection
  • Automated site backups and 1-click site restoration
  • Easy plugin installation
  • Unlimited 24/7 customer support
  • Reliable website hosting and uptime
  • SEO Tools
  • Earn Ad Revenue with WordAds
  • Collect payments and integrate with top shipping carriers (for those looking for a hosting provider for eCommerce)

One of the advantages that WordPress.com has over the other hosting companies is they do have an option that you can use to get your WordPress website or blog up and running for FREE! While some companies offer cheap WordPress hosting, which WordPress.com offers, they are one of the few that also offer free WordPress hosting! Obviously the free plan will have some limitations, but still, you can get yourself started totally free, and then if you decide you want to upgrade later, your can upgrade to one of their paid plans. You can find the paid plans’ pricing and features listed below.

Image courtesy of WordPress.com

Similarly to the other hosting providers listed above, you can get a custom domain through WordPress.com with all the features you would want, such as auto-renewal and domain privacy! WordPress.com also has email forwarding included in several of their plans, or you can upgrade to have email hosting done through WordPress or integrate with Google Workspace!

One of the biggest negatives to WordPress.com though is that you dont have access to certain back-end file infrastructure features that you would get with other hosting providers, since WordPress.com manages that part of your website themselves. So, depending on how advanced of a user you are, this can be a limiting feature and it definitely has come up a few times during my time hosting with WordPress.com and is undoubtedly my biggest con about hosting with WordPress.com. Besides that, I have nothing else bad to say about them as a hosting provider. Their support staff is fantastic, the 1-click site restoration button has come up as a useful feature to me so many times when I’ve had issues, I’ve barely ever had downtime on my website, the site loads quickly and the pricing is competitive with Bluehost. I would say of the 3 options I’ve listed here, WordPress.com is in my opinion the most beginner friendly and definitely a good way to get yourself started!

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