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Amazon & Prime Gaming Review

Amazon & Prime Gaming Review

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and odds are if you’re someone who even uses the internet, you probably know what Amazon is.  This might have you wondering “why are you writing a review article on Amazon?”. That is because I want to tell you guys about some more great features that come with Amazon that you can use to support me and my content here on Dottzgaming.com for FREE, as well as some free gaming goodies you can get with your Amazon Prime subscription!

Amazon has an affiliate program where by utilizing my affiliate link to shop on their marketplace, I can earn some kickback on qualifying purchases. That means for the shopping you’d already be doing on Amazon, you’d be helping to support me and helping to allow me to continue doing what I do with Dottzgaming.com, as well as my YouTube and Twitch channels! So be sure to favorite my Amazon Affiliate Link and use it every time you shop on Amazon to help support me and my content!

Now what about those free gaming goodies I mentioned earlier? Amazon owns Twitch.tv, the largest live-streaming website in the world where you can watch people like myself live-stream our gameplay! Twitch has non-gaming categories and sections as well, but the website is primarily focused around gaming. Completely FREE with your Amazon Prime account you get access to a Twitch Prime Subscription, which allows you to subscribe to my twitch stream for FREE. I’ll get paid like it was a regular subscription, and you’ll get access to the following:

  • Custom emotes on stream and in discord!
  • Custom badge in Twitch chat!
  • Special role in the community discord as well as access to an exclusive sub chatroom!
  • No ads on stream!
  • Allowed to post links in stream chat!
  • Speak in sub chat/slow mode immunity!
  • 2x multiplier for DottzCoins, an in-chat point system you can use to redeem certain stream rewards!
  • Helps to support the stream!

In addition, Twitch & Amazon will sometimes run deals with certain gaming companies to give you access to exclusive in-game loot and free games that will only be available to Prime Gaming members, giving you even more incentive. And as I stated earlier, all of this is free with your regular subscription to Amazon Prime and all the perks that already come along with that. If you want to learn more about what you’d have access to with Prime Gaming, click here. If you want to sub to my Twitch stream for free using your Amazon Prime Subscription, click here! You can find my stream page here and my discord here as well.

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