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Apex Legends – Road to Predator

Apex Legends – Road to Predator

This article contains all episodes Road to Predator ranked gameplay series on Apex Legends (PC)! I ranked through Bronze on my own, but will be showing you guys the rise from Silver to hopefully the highest rank on the game, Apex Predator. The first videos through Silver, Gold and potentially Platinum will be showcasing highlights from the gameplay, but as we get into the higher diamond/predator ranks I will be detailing and showcasing more full and complete games so you can see the experience from start to finish of a high tier game! Predator is a lofty goal, one we may not even achieve, but we are going to give it our best try and aim for the top! Plus, the more episodes we have, the more content you guys get to enjoy!

Ep. 1 – Let the Grind Begin

Ep. 2 – A Battle of Fisticuffs

Ep. 3 – Keeping the Peace

Ep. 4 – A Clown Fiesta

Ep. 5 – Charging on Forward

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