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Affiliate Information & Disclaimer

Some links featured on this website may contain affiliate links for Amazon Associates or other affiliate programs, which result in commission earned on qualifying purchases without adding anything to your cost. A list of affiliate programs Dottz Gaming participates in can be found below:

  • WordPress – I use WordPress to run my site, and it’s my favorite website design tool. What I like about WordPress is that you can create a site with ease if you have zero coding experience, or pop open the hood and really customize things if you want to. WordPress also offers reasonably priced hosting options where you can host your WordPress site! Their payment plans are extremely reasonable, varying from completely free to $25.00 a month based on your needs. Click here to check them out!
  • Amazon – Amazon needs no introduction. They’re one of the largest online shopping websites in the world and sell virtually everything, have amazing deals and great customer support.  Plus, if you get/have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to my Twitch channel for FREE. Shop on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Green Man Gaming – You constantly see these gaming creators with their G2A codes, but me personally, it just seemed a bit too gray market for me to ever want to shop there with confidence. On the other hand, Green Man Gaming is a licensed discount game key reseller, so you will be getting your game keys from a website supported by gaming companies. Click here to shop GMG’s selection.
  • Into The AM (Gaming wear, Graphic Tees, etc.) – ITAM is a great clothing store that has an awesome selection at great prices. I personally have some of their clothes and they’re extremely comfortable and the designs are really cool. The best part is when you shop there, you can get 10% off with promo code DOTTZ. Shop ITAM’s collection by clicking here.
  • Fullscreen – If you’re a YouTuber and are looking to get your YouTube channel monetized, I normally recommend going solo as most networks dont offer much – except for Fullscreen. In my opinion, Fullscreen is the only multi-channel network worth joining. Although they take a cut of your monthly revenue (which is not only negotiable, but not nearly as big as the absurd amount other networks demand), you actually get your money’s worth via the services and support they provide.  I’ve been with other networks before, and this is the only one I think is worth checking out (and the one I am currently with). If you want to monetize your channel through Fullscreen, click here.